Mural on Sacramento Building

Week 2: Downtown Sacramento Staycation

In my totally unbiased opinion, downtown Sacramento is one of the best cities in the country to see murals. Before we settled in here, we were aware of  the local organization supporting the work of mural artists. But until now, we never really noticed just how many building exteriors feature large scale paintings. It is worth a visit just to hunt those murals down.

The last seven days living downtown proved to be just as expensive the first week – and just as much fun. I have no routine right now and I don’t expect to find one in the time left. Not really a surprise. It takes much longer to develop habits.

The days have started to blur into one another, but that’s not a bad thing. I feel like I’m talking and socializing more. I could be imagining it, but I think I’m interacting with the people I encounter in a different way than I do when I’m in my suburban neighborhood. But it’s hard to be objective because the experience is still so novel.

A friend that I used to work with lives a couple of miles away, so she walked down here and we spent the day going to the farmer’s market and chatting the afternoon away. Another couple we know has a son, who lives with his family three blocks from us. So our friends came for appetizers, we went out to a favorite place for dinner and then visited the son for a little whiskey.

Yesterday afternoon, I walked to a bookstore I’d been wanting to check out. My husband met me there after work and we went to a restaurant that was also on my list of places to try before our month here is over. My days are filled with little odds and ends: a quick lunch with a friend getting Botox in town, or a haircut. Right now, everyone is curious to see what we are up to. Would a permanent move mean fewer visits?

Our stats living here so far:
Dining/Drinking/Coffees Out: $748
Entertainment: $222
Groceries: $159*
Babysitting: 2
Avg Steps/Day: 10,687
Museum Memberships Purchased: 1
Museums Visited: 3
Books Read: 1

*I stopped keeping track of groceries after the first week.

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