Sometimes life gets in the way of living your life
We’d all love to… but sometimes life gets in the way.

So I decided to stay with the new job. It worked (sort of) well. While I had to make some adjustments, such as punching a time clock or spending an hour commuting, I also realized it would be going backwards to work for the buyer of my company. I sold it not because it wasn’t doing well, but because I was bored.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the new job four and a half years later to be a support person for my father when his health declined rapidly after my mother died. While there were aspects about the job that I enjoyed and of course there’s the issue of a paycheck, what I have really missed most is seeing co-workers that became friends. It’s been over a year since I left and while I remain social with a handful of my old co-workers, it’s that daily contact, camaraderie, and working towards a common goal where I feel a real loss. Nothing is perfect, but sometimes you make the choices that just have to be made.

I’m hoping a new chapter opens up that brings fun, good people, and where I learn new things. I’m just not sure how to find it.