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The Sun and the Moon

When we were in our 20s and still both lived in Los Angeles, some of our mutual friends dubbed my sister and me “the Sun and the Moon.” I’m still not sure which of us was which, but the point is — we have very different personalities.

My sister is a very social animal: She loves surrounding herself with friends and family and makes entertaining look easy.

Me? Not so much.

I’m not exactly anti-social. But I’m lazy. I hate housework to the point that I rarely do any unless I know someone is coming over. That someone is usually my sister — and she doesn’t make the 400-mile trip to see me all that often, so you can imagine the state my house is in most of the time.

The thought of allowing a friend to come to the house and follow me around while I clean gives me the heebie-jeebies.

I have friends, and I enjoy socializing with them – but it’s usually at a neutral place, like a restaurant. Or their place.

Unless they want me to help them with their cleaning… That’s when I’ll say adios.

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