I often (every week or so) meet a couple of close friends for happy hour. Donna, you know who they are. We like to find the nice deals at the good restaurants. Sometimes, the nicer the restaurant the better the deal! We are all very different, but we know that and have a good time.

I’m winding down a bit between work, grocery shopping at two places, and getting ready to start changing sheets and getting bedrooms ready for the family to start coming up tomorrow for the 4th of July. I had to say “no” to said friends because, well, I had “stuff” to do.

One of them is always gracious and accepts things. The other one is a little too much like me and will not take no for an answer. Bottom line is I did not go and now I’m being quizzed via texting whether I am really cleaning. “Are you drinking and cleaning or just cleaning?” on one text. “I have my wine” was my accurate, if not complete answer.

Tonight is like her Friday as she doesn’t have to go in tomorrow, so when I invited her to come over and have some wine with the agreement that she will be following me around while I get bedrooms ready, she agreed.

So, I’m off to pour some wine. Only problem is I have to clean before she comes over! My bedroom is a disaster!

The picture in this post was taken by my friend on her way over. She said she’s bringing a guest.