Strikes Again



I couldn't find my password book all morning. At first I figured it would show up, after all I never took it out of the house. But as time passed and it still wasn't showing up, I started to get very uptight.


Normally I take my disorganization in stride. This personality trait is in the genes and I work at not letting it get too out of control. Of course that's all relative. What's good for me would be crazy out of control for someone else.


I actually did start to panic. This book has A-Z everything. If I can't find it, Amazon's stock might take a slight dip if I couldn't get signed in. What would happen if it fell into the wrong hands, such as my husband's? What would he learn?


He'd see what I'm really spending our money on, for one thing. Such a trusting fool. If he only knew how much we spent on wine. He doesn't drink wine, but what's mine is his. He'd also see our attendance at happy hours.


Unfortunately, he dutifully comes home immediately after work so I'm not sure how to spin that one.


He'd learn that we spend $100 a month on a gym for him that he goes to about once a month. That helps makes up for my food and wine expenditures.


He'd be able to sign into my recipe box at Epicurious. That would be nice. Maybe he'd try out a recipe.


He'd be able to log on as me in Facebook and LinkedIn, both places where he doesn't have an account but knows he probably should. It might be fun for him to find old friends. And maybe he could update my LinkedIn page for me, as I've been meaning to do so.


He'd be able to check into our car insurance and see if he can get better rates for us.


He could use my account to buy a Groupon or Living Social deal and surprise me with something. Better yet, he could use some Hilton Honors points and surprise me with a little travel. Now we're talking! He can then order some Nespresso capsules for me to enjoy before our trip. My previous orders are there so he'd know what to buy.


He'd be able to watch any show he wanted because then he could sign onto our Netflix account, which I use nightly to watch old Frasier and Cheers episodes. I don't think he's ever used the account.


He could sign onto Oprah's site to learn how to decorate, cook, manage money, dress for success and even meditate. I sound like I'm being sarcastic, but I miss Oprah. We used to be close.


He could also schedule an appointment to get a blood test at the lab. Why he'd want to do that is not clear at this time.


The other things he could do is shop at my favorite stores, see my fabulous pictures on Flickr, order photo albums from Shutterfly, get coupons from our local market, pay our bills, sync a FitBit, purchase postage, spy on me and the kids by looking at our cell phone records, take an online course at the community college, Coursera, or Skill Share, book a flight on United or Virgin (to get us where we are using our Hilton points, of course), and much, much more.

There's so much one could do online just from my little password book, I'm exhausted just putting a partial list here. Why bore you with more? The use of the internet, and my dependence on it, is great, as long as it's always available. What would happen if it just went away? Perhaps the most stressful thought if that happened is how would I be able to identify that somewhat recognizable person on that old TV show? And how would I know where Transnistria was if I couldn't look it up?


By the way, I found my password book when I decided to really think about the last time I used it and what I was doing. And there I found it in a location I had never placed it before. And I was happy. And then I wrote this post.


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  1. The password thing is out of control — especially every time there is a security breach and we are told we need to change all our passwords again. I’m tired of it. After Heartbleed, I finally got smart and signed up for a service. Take a look at LastPass.com – it’s a life saver.

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